Forum projects

Henichesk electric buses (including at EECP "CHONGAR")

Purchase of ten electric buses to service the routes of the railway station Novooleksiyivka – Heniches’k – Strilkove and railway station Novooleksiyivka – EECP “Chongar”, and purchase of charging infrastructure.

Resort “Thermal” Shchaslyvtseve Village

Construction of the “Thermal” complex with credit funds for year-round sanatorium rest. Use of the potential of the thermal water, the Sea of Azov, mud and salts of the Gulf of Sivash, and clean air.

Gasification of Novotroitsk and Henichesk communities

Construction of a 96-kilometer-long main gas pipeline to create processing clusters in Novotroitsky and Novooleksiyivka and gasification of the household, organized with Naftogaz investment funds.

Сentral sewage of the Arabat Arrow

Construction of the system of the centralized sewerage system of resorts of the Arabat arrow from with. Shooting to the existing treatment plants of the city of Genichesk to create conditions for the development of hotel infrastructure.

Arabat waste sorting

Creation of a comprehensive system of collection, sorting, processing and disposal of solid household waste of the communities of Henichesk district.

Rice of Tavria

Reconstruction with credit funds of supply channels and walls of rice fields in Skadovsk district.


The project is implemented within the framework of the Skadovsk Industrial Park and aims to reduce the export of corn as a raw material and increase sales abroad of finished products – starch for construction and food starch.

Coastal fortification of Primorsky

Development of the most optimal investment-effectiveness ratio of shore protection by developing special methods.

Skadovsk tomatoes

The project is implemented within the framework of the Skadovsk Industrial Park and is designed to begin production and export of tomato powder.

Tavriya Smart City

Creating a reference smart territorial community to solve local infrastructure problems at the expense of a private investor.

"Askania - Nova" Architectural pearl

Construction led by the territorial community of the tourist quarter, the project of which will be developed during the national architectural competition. The goal is to create conditions for the community and its residents to earn money on quality tourist services.

Irrigation of the steppe

Project implementation options:

  1. Reconstruction of existing but not functioning pumping stations to increase irrigation by 18,000 hectares.
  2. Preparation for the construction of the third queue of the Kakhovka main canal and the second queue of the Sirogoz canal.
«Kherson» Airport and Skadovsk and Henichesk runways

Development of CARGO air transportation and restoration of the runways of Henichesk and Skadovsk airports.

Hydraulic cylinders

Construction of new and reconstruction of existing production and storage facilities (assembly, testing, painting, warehousing of finished products, procurement site, raw material warehouse)

Hydraulic seals

Construction of new production and storage facilities.
Acquisition of modern high-tech equipment.

Melitopol spare parts

Acquisition of modern high-tech equipment for heat treatment of parts. Acquisition and installation of modern equipment for lighting and heating of the workshop, repair of the cafeteria, showers, and locker rooms.

European foundry

Construction of a new innovative production line for casting heat-resistant finished products, which will fall under the European product certification in terms of quality. Introduction of a new efficient casting technology.

Bypass road

Bypass road to city ports. Draft laws on port dues.

Safe water

Energy independence and safety of water utility products.

Shipbuilding technologies


Cross-border transport corridor

Organization of intermodal transportation of containers and semi-trailers by rail from Turkey to the European Union for the manufacture of railway piggyback platforms. Improving the sustainability of transportation by shifting freight traffic from highways to railways. Ferry fleet renewal.

Maritime Chamber of Ukraine