1 June 2021

Project | Year-round resorts of the South

The holiday season of Azov and Black Seas resorts lasts only two and a half months. The rest of the year the locals do not receive profit from them. The aim of the project of the construction of year-round sanatorium and medical rest complexes is to create a European health resort based on Arabat Spit natural resources.

The potential of the Arabat Spit

The holiday season on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas lasts only two and a half months. This does not allow its residents to earn income for the rest of the year and fully realize the tourist potential of the Arabat Spit.

However, before the quarantine restrictions, the world-famous Hungarian Széchenyi Thermal Bath attracted more than 5 million tourists. One of the factors that contributed to its success is the fact that they were open throughout the whole year. Ukraine also has an example of a successful year-round thermal resort. Radon Sanatorium in Khmilnyk is a large modern resort that is popular among both Ukrainians and foreigners.

Based on international and Ukrainian experience, the project of construction of year-round sanatoriums “Termal” (Shchaslyvtseve), “Arabat Thermal Bath”(Strilkove) and balneological health resorts in Koblevo and Arabat Spit aims to realize the potential of thermal springs and create a year-round resort of European level in the South of Ukraine.

Arabat Spit is a unique place in the Azov region. From the east, there is located a Sea of ​​Azov, and from the west, it borders with the lake Sivash. In addition, there are salt lakes, mineral waters, therapeutic muds, and thermal springs.

The thermal springs of the Arabat Spit have balneological value. Due to the mineralization, chemical composition, and content of biologically active substances, they can be used to treat various diseases. Also, there are huge reserves of medical sludge on its territory.

The combination of the healing properties of the Arabat Spit thermal springs with the sea air and the developed tourist infrastructure create perfect conditions for a year-round resort in the south of Ukraine, which will attract numerous tourists and provide income for its residents throughout the year.

“Thermal” Resort

The project “Thermal” Resort aims to use the healing and natural potential of Arabat Spit to create a year-round resort in the Shchaslyvtseve village and make a great contribution to the tourism development of the South. The project envisages the creation of a resort area with a leisure center, thermal and mud baths, the construction of a sanatorium complex with its own clinic, and the creation of a specialized medical rehabilitation center.

Moreover, sea air, thermal baths, therapeutic mud, salt solution, the water of the Sea of ​​Azov and the Gulf of Sivash will make the resort a unique place for wellness. Many capabilities of the resort will be available for visitors:

  • post-COVID rehabilitation.
  • improvement of  lung function;
  • treatment of respiratory diseases symptoms;
  • prevention of the musculoskeletal system diseases;
  • treatment of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine systems;
  • prevention of the skin and the gastrointestinal tract organs diseases;
  • treatment of urological and gynecological problems;
  • improvement of mental health.

The project will be implemented in several stages:

Stage 1. Planning and preparatory work. Also, initial infrastructure works will be carried out.

Stage 2. Creation of a pool complex and arrangement of a beach zone. Also, this stage involves the start of construction works on the main complex.

Stage 3. Commission of the main buildings of the complex: hotel with clinic, hotel,restaurant, cottages, sports and entertainment areas.

Stage 4. Construction and arrangement of an additional hotel and arrangement of an additional restaurant.

The project will involve professionals from various fields. They are Oleksandr Kistechok, Director of LLC Dnipro, Serhiy Badogin, Head of the Joint Paid Polyclinic Mechnikov and Valeriy Karpuntsov, Chairman of the Board of the NGO “League of Interns”.

As a result of the project, tax revenues to the budget are $ 15,571,131, and the total revenue from is $ 105,788,389.

Project results

As a result of the project, the investment climate in the region is expected to improve and new jobs will be created. Furthermore, it will facilitate the gradual transition of most tourist facilities and hotels of the Arabat Spit to a year-round mode of operation. This will provide year-round employment for the residents and significantly increase tax revenues to the community budget.

The project will also improve the living standards of the population, which will obtain access to wellness facilities and will be provided with quality food.

In addition, training conditions will be created for junior medical staff in new areas (KZ “Heniches’k Medical School” of Kherson State University).

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