22 May 2021

Project | “Kherson”: an airport that no one believed in

Kherson» Airport has significant potential for aviation infrastructure development in southern Ukraine. But to fulfill its potential the complex needs to be reconstructed. The project aims to create the region’s first freight terminal, increase the airport’s passenger capacity, and attract low-cost airlines.

«Kherson» Airport 

Kherson International Airport was opened in 1985. Its total area is 297.3 hectares, and the length of its runway is 2,500 m. The airport can accommodate 400 passengers per hour.

In addition, the airport is equipped with air traffic control. Its runway is equipped with systems such as radio navigation, equipment to ensure a precision approach, light signal, as well as meteorological equipment that provides round-the-clock operation of the airport. The aerodrome also meets all the necessary requirements of the order “On approval of the Rules of certification of civil aerodromes of Ukraine”.

The airport cooperates with Turkish Airlines with flights to Istanbul, UIA, and low-cost airline Ryanair with flights to Kraków.

The project envisages the creation of CARGO air transportation, the development of an airport complex to receive 1 million passengers a year, and the attraction of low-cost airlines.

The main infrastructure elements that need reconstruction or construction covered by the project:

  • runway;
  • navigation system;
  • precision approach system;
  • light signal system;
  • perimeter fence;
  • hangar for maintenance and repair of aircraft;
  • reconstruction of the airport complex;
  • purchase of special transport and equipment;
  • construction of a new terminal, platform, cargo terminal;
  • hotel construction.


The “Kherson” Airport runway is a combination of asphalt concrete (2000 meters) and concrete slab PAG-18 (500 meters). Every year, UAH 3 to 5 million is allocated from the budget to maintain “Kherson” Airport in working condition. Part of the funds goes to repair work to prevent the destruction of the runway.

However, it is also possible to increase the capacity of the runway by its reconstruction and development. Its restoration will take place in two stages:

Stage 1. Adding a new layer of asphalt concrete from 9 to 12 cm over the entire area (2000 m) and on a section of concrete slabs (500 m). They will be dismantled and lower and the upper asphalt concrete layer will be added. This will allow the landing of Boeing 737 – 800, 900, and Airbus 321 up to 10 – 12 times a day. It will also increase passenger traffic to 500,000 passengers. The estimated cost of runway restoring is UAH 250-300 million. In addition, this stage involves the transfer of the airport runway to state ownership.

Stage 2. Complete reconstruction of the runway (its extension by 350 m on the left and 200 m on the right). This will allow to accept all types of aircraft without restrictions and increase passenger traffic to 1 million (20 – 25 flights per day). The cost of reconstruction is UAH 3 billion.

Navigation system

The airport’s  PAR-10C drive radio needs to be replaced after prolonged use (37 years). The State Enterprise “Ukraaerorukh” is currently working on preparations for the installation of the DVOR \ DME navigation system. Its cost is UAH 35 million.

The system of the precision approach

Today, the airport is equipped with a SP-80N1 precision approach system of 2002. To ensure the ability to receive aircraft in difficult weather conditions, it is necessary to install a system of  ILS precision approach to landing. The cost is UAH 70 million.

Light signal system

Nowadays, a“Kherson” airport is equipped with a VMI (Low- Intensity Lights) system of light signals. However,  it does not allow receiving planes during adverse weather conditions (autumn and spring). Therefore, it is necessary to install VVI-2 to ensure the second category precision approach. The cost is UAH 20 million.

Also, it is necessary to install a VVI-1 (High-Intensity Lights) to ensure the receipt of the first category aerodrome. The cost is UAH 48 million.

Reconstruction of the perimeter fence of the airport

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine on the State Program for Civil Aviation Safety, as well as the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), it is necessary to urgently begin the installation of the perimeter of the fence. Failure to carry out this step of the project may result in the revocation of the aviation security certificate granted to the airport and its complete shutdown. The cost is UAH 68 million.

Reconstruction of the airport complex

UAH 26 million is needed to complete the reconstruction of the second floor of the airport complex.

Also, the capacity of the departure hall on the first floor is less than 400 passengers per hour, which does not allow receiving two flights at once. The cost of reconstruction of the airport complex and bomb shelter is UAH 200 million.

Special vehicles and equipment

Lack or obsolescence of special equipment can lead to delays in aircraft maintenance. This may result in the complete shutdown of the airport. That is why the project covers their purchase and renovation.

Other infrastructure improvements

Construction of a new terminal that can accommodate 1 million passengers. Its cost is UAH 700 million.

Completion of works on the reconstruction of Taxiway-1, Taxiway-2, and parking for aircraft at the airport. The cost is UAH 96 million. Also, it is necessary to increase the area of ​​the parking platform to accommodate up to 18-20 aircraft. The cost is UAH 450 million.

Moreover, the project covers the construction of the first in the southern Ukraine cargo terminal for the airport. That is why this step is extremely important. The cost is UAH 400 million.

Regional aviation and technical sports club

The project also covers the restoration of the Regional Aviation and Technical Sports Club. Right now it is in critical condition and needs reconstruction of the aviation complex. However, there are many opportunities to expand its activities. Reconstruction of the club complex will provide the following services:

  • Flight and methodical training
  • Introductory flights
  • Skydiving
  • Excursions
  • Air shows and festivals
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