10 May 2021

Project | Heniches’k electric buses

Heniches’k Electric Buses is a sustainable project that is important for the development of local infrastructure. Its goal is to ensure proper transportation of tourists that visit the resorts of Heniches’k district and citizens of Ukraine who cross the border with the temporarily occupied Crimea every day.

Public transport problem in the South of Ukraine

Since the temporary occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the state owned passenger transport link between the peninsula and the mainland of Ukraine has been severed. Today, the only way to get to the temporarily occupied Crimea is to use the services of illegal carriers operating on this route.

Illegal transportation is carried out without paying taxes, which could otherwise fund the development of local communities. Also according to the residents of the peninsula, such trips are dangerous, because during them carriers constantly violate traffic rules.

Another infrastructural problem in the region is the lack of a well-established public transport route to the resorts of the Heniches’k community. In 2020 alone, those holiday destinations attracted more than 630,000 tourists and still remain extremely popular, especially in the face of pandemic and quarantine restrictions, when most Ukrainians do not have the opportunity to travel abroad.

The creation of transport infrastructure for passengers in this region is important for improving the quality of their lives and recreation. It will increase the annual number of tourists visiting Heniches’k district resorts, and, as a result, will bring additional revenues to the community budget.

Heniches’k electric buses

The Heniches’k Electric Buses project will solve these problems. It will ensure the creation of infrastructure equipped with sustainable and modern transport — electric buses.

The implementation of the project includes two steps. The first step is the purchase of the required number of medium and large capacity electric buses for convenient and safe transportation of tourists visiting the resorts of the Heniches’k territorial community, its residents, and citizens of Ukraine who travel to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The second step is the creation of a network of charging stations for electric buses. To reduce the payback period of the project, the installation of universal stations that will charge both electric buses and private electric cars is proposed.

The new passenger routes will provide transportation of tourists and locals from the railway station of Novooleksiyivka station through the city of Heniches’k to the resorts of Henicheska Girka, Shchaslyvtseve and Strilkove on Arabat Spit (recreation areas on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov and Sivash Bay).

Also, the creation of an aforementioned  system of charging stations will ensure the services of electric buses on the route “Novooleksiyivka Station – EECP ” Chongar “, which will allow citizens of Ukraine to use safe and legal transportation when reaching the temporary border.

The implementation of the Heniches’k Electric Buses project opens opportunities for both tourists and local residents to use convenient and safe transportation, which will greatly facilitate their travel in the region and create conditions for additional revenues to the budget of local communities. The project is actively supported by the Head and Council of the Heniches’k City Community and the administration of the Henichesk District.

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