25 May 2021

Project | Сentral sewage of the Arabat Spit

The Сentral sewage of the Arabat Spit project aims to improve the environment and help develop the hotel and restaurant business on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

The problem of Arabat Spit sewage

The lack of a central sewage system on the Arabat Spit is one of the biggest problems in the region. Also, it is an extremely important issue for tourism development in this region. In recent years, the resorts of Arabat Spit are visited by thousands of tourists. Given the temporary occupation of Crimea and quarantine restrictions on travel abroad, the number of tourists will increase even more.

However, this tendency and the development of tourist infrastructure in the absence of central sewerage is a major threat to the environment. Nowadays, the wastes are taken to treatment facilities, which are located on the Arabat Spit, dumped in other places, or they are left in cesspools.

As result, sewage enters the soil, groundwater, the Sea of ​​Azov, and Lake Sivash. This can lead not only to the deterioration of the environment in the region but also become a threat to tourists and residents during the holiday season.

According to the report of “Ecomanagement Group” and to the official information of the Kherson regional administration, on the territory of Arabat Spit there are only three local treatment facilities: LLC “Ecologist”, PJSC “InGOK” and PJSC “Dnipropetrovskgaz”.

In addition, according to the Law of Ukraine “On Resorts”, all apartment buildings within the second zone must have water supply and sewerage. Toilets in private homes must be equipped with waterproof cesspools. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to deterioration of the natural and healing capabilities of the resort.

Also, according to Article 90 of the Water Code of Ukraine, the coastal protection strip along the seas, bays, and estuaries is part of the sanitary protection zone and can be used for the construction of sanatoriums, children’s health camps, and other health facilities with a mandatory centralized water supply and sewerage.

Creation of the Central sewerage of the Arabat Spit

The project envisages providing the residents of the Heniches’k community with quality drainage services. Moreover, the creation of an ecological system of drainage and wastewater treatment will contribute to the development of tourist infrastructure.

The project will implement a set of measures aimed at the creation of centralized sewerage Arabat Spit and the city of Heniches’k with the modernization of existing treatment facilities located in the city of Heniches’k and the connection of local treatment facilities located in the territory of Arabat Spit. It is also planned to purify water for further use for agricultural land irrigation.

The project includes three stages:

1. Construction of pressure sewerage along the Arabat Spit;

2. Reconstruction of treatment facilities in the city of Heniches’k using the latest technologies. This allows using treated water for agricultural land irrigation.

3. Connection of existing treatment facilities to the central system.

The project implementation period is from 30 to 48 months.

Project results

As a result of the project, residents of the Heniches’k community, including residents of Arabat Spit, will have access to centralized drainage services. The project will also stop sewage from entering the Sea of ​​Azov and prevent environmental pollution, which occurs due to the lack of a full and efficient drainage system.

In addition, the creation of a centralized drainage system will create an opportunity to attract international investment in the construction of hotel and entertainment centers on the Arabat Spit. So far, this is not possible, as no international company is willing to invest in a facility that does not have efficient sewage and wastewater treatment system. However, this project will solve this problem and help realize the potential of the Arabat Spit resorts.

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